Installation on Docker


  1. Ensure that you got docker-compose installed.

  2. Extract the installation files

  3. Execute and follow the instructions. It will automatically pull the required images and files from the azeti repository and set up the basic system.

Docker Stack Administration

The azeti Engine stack comes with a collection of administrative scripts which wrap around docker-compose. Change into the demo directory to access the scripts.

Starting and Stopping

Use the start and stop script.

Same for starting it up again.


You can easily update the full stack with the script, it does a docker-compose pull ... and fetches the latest application builds. Make sure to create backups before hand.

Log Rotation

Docker will not rotate container logfiles automatically. This can cause high disk usages and large amount of log file data. Check with your Docker Administrator if any log rotation is already configured. Below is an easy approach (based upon this article) for regular rotation using logrotate.

  1. Create a new Logrotate config file in /etc/logrotate.d/docker-container
  2. Enter the below configuration

  3. Start logrotate with the new configuration

Next Steps