Following pages describe the required steps for setting up the azeti SiteController software and to potentially upgrade it if necessary. Multiple platforms from different vendors are supported.

Hardware Requirements for Site Controller

Operating systemLinuxLinux
CPU600+ Mhz 1+ Ghz, x86
CPU CoresSingle CoreDual Core
RAM512 MB1 or 2 Gbyte
Storage512 MB Flash2 Gbyte Flash
Network1x Ethernet2x Ethernet (1x Uplink, 1x MODBUS TCP)
Digital Inputs - 4x DI
Digital Outputs - Analog Inputs   -  2x AI (4-20mA )
Serial input - RS-485

Aquiring SiteController through GIT


Having analog and digital I/Os on board eliminates necessity for external modules (several hundred dollars) and help address minimal use cases as seen very often out of the box

Testing Networking to the Cloud Engine Broker.

  • Within a Linux userland such as raspbian, snappy etc, trough the netcat or nc utility.

    $ nc -zvw2 1883
    Connection to port 1883 [tcp/ibm-mqisdp] succeeded!
  • Within the Bash shell /dev/tcp pseudo-device.

    $ </dev/tcp/ &amp;&amp; echo Connected || Closed