How to connect an external mqtt client to an LXC Container / IOXClient in a IR809/IR829 router

To connect an external mqtt client (like MQTT.fx) to the mosquitto broker inside an Cisco LXCContainer/IOXClient.


  1. First enable the elevated mode in the Cisco router by typing "enable".
  2. Then we use the command "show ip int br" to see the configuration of the interfaces.
  3. The external HOST ip ( and the internal ip ( which is used for the Guest Operating System (GOS) and the LXC Container.

  4. To see the different ip addresses used for the GOS and the LXC Container, we use the command "sho ip arp | inc".
  5. Typically the first entry is the Cisco gateway itself, the second the GOS and the third the LXC Container.

  6. Finally to access the internal network from the outside, we NAT the ip address of the LXC container to the internal network, via VLAN1 with the correct MQTT port (1883).

  7. Now we can connect to the MQTT broker with an external tool (MQTT.fx).