Grafana Integration

Engine Setup

The azeti Engine Versions 1.1 and higher come with Grafana support by default.

  1. Login as Super Admin in the Control Panel
  2. Open System Parameters and configure a string password for azeti.influxdata.grafana.password

  3. Create a new User with Access to API, check out this KB article for instructions 

Grafana Setup

This part of the configuration is straight forward too, create a data source and import dashboards.

Create the Data Source

Each Engine organization will be represented as a unique data source in Grafana, this is due to the strict separation of data between individual organizations. Each Org will require an API user too.

  1. Create a new data source of type InfluxDB
  2. Set the parameters: 
  • URL according to your Engine's Address, e.g.
  • Basic Auth:yes
  • With Credentials:yes,
  • Username and Password of the newly created API User

Click Save & Test and a Success Message should be shown.

Import the azeti Dashboards

We created a couple of dashboards to get you jump started.

  1. Download the dashboards from our public Bitbucket repository
  2. Open the Dashboards menu in Grafana and Import the dashboards as described here