Active Alarms

The Alarm List displays in real time all the alarms in all the sites. This is where all the alarms are displayed on all the network are displayed on the same page, and should be the primary page for detecting problems and starting a troubleshooting.

On this page:

Alarms list information

The alarm list shows all the live alarms in a table that changes in real time (no need for refreshing the page).

The list shows:

  • The sensors ID: The sensor name that has triggered the alarm
  • The location name and connection status (green online, red offline)
  • The severity of the sensor (see Terms & Concepts)
  • The state of the sensor when it triggered the alarm
  • How long has the alarm been active. Hover over the state duration to see the exact timestamp of the alarm


The alarm list can be filter using the options at the top of the page. These are:

  • Sensor name: Partial or complete sensor name. Case sensitive
  • Locations: pressing the button will show the location tree that allows to filter the alarms by location or region (as defined on the location tree)
  • Severity: It indicates the number from which all alarms with equal or less severity will be filtered. So to see alarms of severity 100 or above the user would have to input the number 100.  By pressing there the system will already show the posible severities available based on the sensor

Actions and Drill Down

By pressing on the button "Actions" on each alarm, the user can go to other screens to get more information about the cause of the alarm.

This links are:


At any point the table that is being shown can be exported to CSV file using the "Export option". Select Filtered to only export the alarms being shown at that moment (with the filter applied) or all for the whole list (without filters)

Example: Show the list of disconnected sites

To show the list of current disconnected sites use this filter:

  • Sensor: cloud_connected
  • Severitiy: 100 and 200