Map View

The map view shows all locations over a map, with direct link to all the locations functions.

When clicking on a site location, a menu is displayed with a direct link to the following features:

  • Floor plan: If a floor plan has been uploaded it will show it here, with the sensor values superimposed
  • Energy plan: Showing an energy flow diagram for the site (if it has been uploaded)
  • View: It will lead directly to the first view associated with this sites (more on views on Views section)
  • Admin & Live Table: a table that shows all location sensor, with the possibility to receive live data (see Admin & Live Table section)
  • Event log (see Reporting section)

  • Sys Msg Log (See Reporting section)

Locations List

To show it press the + sign at the bottom right of the screen. This list shows all the locations with:

  • The location name
  • The connection status (connected or not connected)
  • Session age: For how long it has been connected the last time
  • Last Data: When it was the last time that received data
  • Status: The status of the site. This is displayed by a colour: red means there are alarmed sensors, green no alarmed sensor, and the number inside is how many alarms sensors are in the site.
  • An action button with several options related to the site:

    • Focus in Map: Focus the dashboard map on the the site location
    • View: Goes to the default view of the site (see Views)
    • Energy Plan: Shows the energy plan of the site (if loaded)
    • Admin & Live table (see Admin & Live Table)
    • Event log (see Reporting section)

    • Sys Msg Log (See Reporting section)