Admin & Live Table

One of the most powerful tools for troubleshooting issues and verifying configurations is the Admin & Live Table. This guides will show you how to access and use it.


The Admin & Live Table works in context of a single location and shows data off this particular location.

Live Table

  • display entire collected sensor data for a particular location
  • get debug information about states and the evaluation
  • use Live Monitoring to see sensor results flowing in live


  • execute and test the configured Actions directly
  • show sensor History and Detail Graphs
  • get debug information about sensors and their states
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Accessing Admin & Live Table

There is more than one way to access it.

  1. Organization → Locations → Click on the name of the location of interest
  2. Dashboard → Map VIew → Click on the icon of the location and choose Admin & Live Table

  3. Dashboard → Location Details → Click on the circle in the Status row
  4. Open the Location Tree by clicking on at the top, choose your location and expand it (+), find Admin & Live Table in the menu
  5. Search for your location (top search bar) and choose it, open the location menu and choose Admin & Live Table


Filtering for sensors and values

The Filter function allows you to search in any available metric, e.g. search for states, sensor name or values. Type it in and it refreshes the list automatically.

Table field reference

You can sort the Live Table by any row, simply click on the row header.

SensorName of the sensor

Sensor class, describes the type of measurement, some examples:

  • boolean
  • power
  • temperature

Current sensor state e.g. OK

State DurationElapsed time since this state occured.
ValueMeasurement result

Value Duration

Elapsed time since value was processed locally
Notifications ConfigConfigured notifications

History and Graph

By pressing on the arrow button on the left of info, a menu showing a few more options is shown:

  • Disable: It is used to disable a specific sensor on the frontend. After being disabled, a new option to delete it appears. Deleting it means that all the stored info of the sensor, included historic data, will be deleted. It cannot be undone. If the sensor has only been disabled in can be enabled again using the same option
  • History: Press it to show a list of historic values and/or states

  • Graphs: Press it to show a graph of the values and states of the sensor. A time selector can be used to select specfic timeperiods.

  • Notifications: To enable the notifications for a specific sensor, change the recipients, or the timeperiods (see Notifications)