Ubuntu Trusty Tahr LTS (14.04) Setup


This document will describe the Initial setup of Site Controller on an Ubuntu LTS linux distribution. 


You will need to know the IP of the system and to have access via ssh.

Required installation files

  • mosquitto installation archive (e.g. mosquitto-1.3.4.tar.gz): mosquitto MQTT broker in the system, version 1.3.4 or above
  • psutil installation archive: psutil libaries, version 2.2.1 or above
  • SiteController installation archive (e.g. SiteController-install-1.1-Jever.tar.gz):  SiteController modules and necessary python libraries 

Configure the time zone

Core software installation

  1. Install prerequisites for compiling packages

  2. Install mosquitto, create a mosquitto group and user

  3. Create a mosquitto configuration

  4. Set a log_dest. To do so please edit /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf and change as noted below line 419 (or similar). All logging output will go into /opt/azeti/SiteController/log/mosquitto.log

  5. Install python-psutil 

  6. Install SiteController (output was truncated)

  7. TODO: MOSQUITTO_FOLDER must be /usr/local