Cisco 809/829 GPS Configuration

This article explains how to use the GPS coordiantes from the internal GPS of the 809/829 platform


To use the GPS of the 809/829, the following conditions have to be met on the router

  1. The GPS has to be enabled. This means this config has to be added to the router IOS configuration:

    controller Cellular 0
     lte gps mode standalone
     lte gps nmea ip
  2. The SNMP has to be enabled, with at least a read community set:

    snmp-server community public RW
    snmp-server community private RO

Sensor configuration


Once the router IOS is configured properly, the sensor configuration has to be added to the site template. The following config has to be added:

	<sensor sensor_id="device_gps_location">
		<sensor_gateway sensor_gateway_id="gw_ISR829_gps_coordinates">
			<demux method="normalize_cisco_GPS_coordinates">
	<device device_id='dev_ISR829_snmp'>
			<sensor_gateway sensor_gateway_id="gw_ISR829_gps_coordinates">
							<retry retry_algorithm="linear"  retry_interval_before_alert="15"/>

The template can be downloaded from here: Cisco_8x9_GPS.template.xml

A few important points about this:

  • The OIDs are fixed, as they are defined for this platform
  • The sensor name "device_gps_location" has to remain the same for the cloud to automatically use the coordinates. If no automatic update on the cloud is needed, then the name can change.
  • The device IP address is the router IP as set on the virtual switch that connects with the GOS (the GigabitEthernet5 on the 829, the GigabitEthernet2  on the 809)
  • The community has to be set with the same name used on the IOS configuration.


For this configuration to work the SNMP module has to be enabled on the SiteController.cfg (or packet_config.ini) file.


Cloud configuration

For enabling the automatic coordinates update on the cloud:

  1. Go to My organization
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Go to the Address tab
  4. Enable the update from sensor click box
  5. Click Load last GPS info
  6. Save


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