A raw_result is a type of MQTT message published by almost every data acquisition module of the SiteController to the MQTT topic raw_result/<gateway_id>, it contains the values read by the module, normally (but not restricted to) as numbers or strings, without any processing applied. A raw_result message can contain the value read from 1 or more sensors, the used format is always JSON. This type of messages are not retained in internal storage nor sent to the cloud.

A raw_result should comply with the following structure:

Field definition

NamePurposeOptionalDefault value
error_codeError code classifying the whole raw_resultNo
result_dictdictionary with every sensor read, see the next table for more informationNo

true means this raw_result can contain just some sensors associated to the sensor_gateway, false or absent means all sensor are present in every raw_result message

sensor_gateway_idIdentification of the gateway associated to this sensor groupNo
timestampMessage timestamp in ISO8601 formatYescurrent timestamp

Field result_dict

NamePurposeOptionalDefault value
changedMark the specific sensor as been changed in comparison with the last reading No
valueValue read from the sensor, this can be a number, boolean, string.No
err_codeInteger value representing a error about this specific sensor, 0 means no error, any other value means a error specific for the device, this value have higher relevance than error_code from raw_resultYes0
err_descTextual representation of the errorYes""