The following describes the settings for Configuration > Network > SNMP Configuration in detail. 

Trap Agent Port

TCP Port to listen for traps

Trap Agent Debug Level

Level of debug detail starting from nothing (OFF) up to heavy debug (TRACE) . The log can be found in > Logs > SNMP Processor

Trap OID Output Format

Format of the corresponding trap OID, can be fully numeric up to symbolic.

The Trap Filters are fully dependent on this setting, e.g. if you configured trap filters to match on numeric OIDs, you must set numeric OIDs as format here too. Otherwise the trap filters won't apply anymore.

Max number of trap history entries

Number of last traps that should be saved in the trap history database, see > Trap Filters

Trap community authorization stringCommunity string for authentication of incoming SNMP traps
Agent community stringCommunity for SNMP Agent (SNMP GET)
Agent sysName ValueSystem name, OID: 2.system.sysName.0
Agent syslocation ValueSystem location, OID: 2.system.sysLocation.0
Agent syscontact ValueSystem contact, OID: 2.system.sysContact.0

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