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  1. If no timeperiod exist, create one
    1. Go to OrganizationTime Periods, click Add
    2. Write a name for the period, and for each day of the week add the time interval during which the notifications can be sent. If a day is not included then notifications will be send that day. Save
  2. Create/Edit the user or users that will receive the notifications:
    1. Go to Organizations Users

    2. Create a new user or Edit an existing one
    3. Fill the mail and phone number info that will be used for the notifications
    4. Go to the Notification tab, select the way that Notifications should be done (Email, SMS, SNMP or all) and the Timeperiod for each one. Save
    5. If you're using Slack, then you will need to use the username (Not: E-Mail address)
  3. Create a notification group:
    1. Go to OrganizationNotifications
    2. Create a new notification group if needed (if no other group is going to be used)
    3. Click the  menu button ()Assign users button on the group that is going to be used and assign all the users that are going to that group. 
  4. Assign each sensor to the proper notification group
    1. Go to ConfigurationSensor Templates → Site Templates and select the template of the site or sites and click Edit

    2. Click Toggle SU/Normal mode to be able to edit
    3. Select the sensor that will trigger the notifications and click the Notifications button
    4. Select the notifications groups that will receive the alarms from this sensor (can be one or more)
    5. The Severities of the alarms that will trigger the notifications: 100 is usually the level for warning and 200 for critical
    6.  And the Timing: Time Periods when notifications will be sent (only if it also matches the timeperiod for the notifications group), the First notification Delay (in minutes, how long the system will wait with an alarm before sending notification if it does not recover) and the Notification interval (in minutes, how often an alarm will be sent). Save