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This document will describe the Initial setup of Site Controller on an Ubuntu LTS linux distribution. 


  1. Install prerequisites for compiling packages

    Code Block
    root@ubuntu:~# apt-get install build-essential libc-ares-dev xsltproc docbook-xsl gcc python-dev libssl-dev
  2. Install mosquitto, create a mosquitto group and user

    Code Block
    root@ubuntu:~/download# tar xzf mosquitto-1.3.4.tar.gz 
    root@ubuntu:~/download# cd mosquitto-1.3.4/
    root@ubuntu:~/download/mosquitto-1.3.4# groupadd mosquitto
    root@ubuntu:~/download/mosquitto-1.3.4# useradd -g mosquitto mosquitto
    root@ubuntu:~/download/mosquitto-1.3.4# make && make install
  3. Create a mosquitto configuration

    Code Block
    root@ubuntu:~/download# mv /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf.example /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf 
  4. Set a log_dest. To do so please edit /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf and change as noted below line 419 (or similar). All logging output will go into /opt/azeti/SiteController/log/mosquitto.log

    Code Block
    #log_dest stderr
    # sebastian.koch - manually added log destination
    log_dest file /opt/azeti/SiteController/log/mosquitto.log
  5. Install python-psutil 

    Code Block
    root@ubuntu:~/download# tar xzf psutil-2.2.1.tar.gz 
    root@ubuntu:~/download# cd psutil-2.2.1 
    root@ubuntu:~/download/psutil-2.2.1# python install
  6. Install SiteController (output was truncated)

    Code Block
    root@ubuntu:~/download# tar xzf SiteController-install-1.1-Jever.tar.gz 
    root@ubuntu:~/download# cd SiteController-install/
    root@ubuntu:~/download/SiteController-install# ./ 
    OS type is generic Ubuntu
    Creating new site controller startup configuration ...
    Checking for previous installation of SiteController ...
    No previous installation found. Creating folder ...
    Installing python libraries ...
    Checking for presence of setuptools ... Not present
    Installing setuptools ...
    Updating autostart script ...
    Sorry, no autostart script available for your system.
    Adapting configuration to your system ...
    Please provide a unique serial name for your SiteController!
    Allowed characters are upper and lower case ASCII [a-zA-Z],
    digits [0-9], dashes - and underlines _.
    Your entry: > Ubuntu-Test-sebastian
    Serial name set to Ubuntu-Test-sebastian
    Thank you.
    Changing serial id of SiteController from "" to "Ubuntu-Test-sebastian".
  7. TODO: MOSQUITTO_FOLDER must be /usr/local