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  1. Organization →  Notifications

  2. Fill in the information for the type of notifications that are going to be usedFor Email:
    1. For Email
      1. Host: The hostname or IP of the SMPT SMTP sending server
      2. User: The username of an authorized user on that serverPasswordserver
      3. Password: The password of the user
      4. From: This is the sender address that is going o to be used when sending the emails
      5. Subject: The subject header used on all email notifications
    2. For SMS

      1. Provider: The SMS server provider used. Currently only Nexmo is used, but other providers/private servers can be added on request

      2. URL: The URL of the REST API used to send the SMSs

      3. Key

      4. Secret

      5. From: This is the name or number that will be set sender of the SMS

    3. SNMP (Traps)
      1. Host: The server that will receive the traps

      2. Community: The community used to send the traps

    4. Slack
      1. URL: The webhook URL generated for you your team in Slack.  
      2. In the Slack website, to create the webhook: click on your user name →  Apps & Integration → BuildMake a custom integrationIncoming Webhooks and follow the instructions. If a webhook has already been created it can be found on Apps & Integration → Manage Custom Integrations → Incoming Webhooks