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Install new machine files to change the licensed amount of allowed hosts or ethernet interfaces to configure in SONARPLEX or to change SysID. Requires SONARMANAGER (or higher).


Install SONARMANAGER (or higher) and add the Custom Uploads-extention to allow Custom Uploads.

  1. Remove any pre-installed versions of SONARMANAGER via Windows Control Panel (old configuration data persist through this step)
  2. Install provided SONARMANAGER (or higher)
  3. Close SONARMANAGER if started after installation
  4. Copy provided Custom Uploads-extention to the following path:


    This adds the new option "Custom Uploads" in the context menu of any appliance.

Install Machine File

  2. Right click on the appropriate appliance
  3. Select "Custom Uploads"
  4. Select "Add SysIdFile"
  5. Search for your machine file
  6. Click "Upload" in the lower right corner
  7. Reboot appliance


Expected results

  1. Open a browser
  2. Connect to the appliance's AdminGUI

  3. Select Status::Summary
  4. Check if the first line reads your new SysID

    Your appliances machine id is 1m005056000948, which is a production version.
  5. Select System::License
  6. Check if the first line reflects the amount of host licenses:

    License:	Maximum number of defined hosts: 200

  8. Right click on your appliance
  9. Select "netconf"
  10. Check the amount of shown interfaces

    Keep in mind that the first interface (usually eth0) is not shown in this list since it is configured via serial console or SONARPLEX AdminGUI. Example: A license for four ethernet interfaces will just show you eth1-3

Remove Machine File

This will remove the installed tar file but won't undo the changes done by machine file installation! To change these, another machine file with the desired information must be uploaded.

  2. Right click on the appropriate appliance
  3. Select "Custom Uploads"
  4. Find the line reading the machine file

    1m005056000948.tar [-]
  5. Click on [  -  ] to remove machine file

  6. Reboot appliance